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By markdjr
I am about to attempt my first mods on the e300. The stock battery is shot so I figured i'd try and upgrade in the process. I have been reading through the other threads and I think I want to go with 3 batteries, new charger, a throttle control and maybe a new sprocket.

Will 3 of these batteries work? Should I go with something different? ... -volt-9ah/

This is the controller I was thinking ... uct_id=349

I am not sure what I would need for a charger. Also the area I live in is very hilly, so should I certainly replace the sprocket? If so which one?

Thanks a lot for any help.
By robnewyork
the controller u listed is a throttle , not a controller. the batteries will have serious range, But man are they pricey.. 3 of them shipped would be 300 could do hobby lipos or bigger sla for less than half the price... write out the goals , and ill look for links..
By markdjr
My goals are ~18mph, 12 mile range, ability to climb hills. I don't mind spending the money, but if there is a better or cheaper way to go about it I am all ears. Thanks.
By robnewyork
well , you will need to mount a good motor, thats the only real thoughts are the 500 watt motor, 24v, run at 36 v on about40-50 amps .. the 3 batteries will be a squeeze , thats also gonna require a bit of work to get them under the deck.. But nothing major..are you familar with rc batteries and chargers?? if not no issue, ill list all the links after you reply..
By robnewyork
By robnewyork
the only challenge now is the 12 mile range, which is tough with slas considering how small the area is under the deck.. with lipos its easy.. but more complexity charging and requires a combo lipos balancer charger
By markdjr
Thanks for the follow up. I am familiar with RC's and lipos, I have a variety of 3 and 4s batteries and chargers. I am not sure how to hook the razor up to the lipos, but am sure I could catch on quickly. How would lipos compare to the stark power batteries I listed above? Thanks for any info.
By robnewyork
im not sure , fully charged theyre almost 33v.. so 3 would be idea , although a bit high.. all the wires come from the controller, so look at the controller wiring diagram and thats everything.. I dont have a generic diagram because this is all custom work , no one has ever done this exact combo.. those lipos would be wired in series with the rc connectors, then the ends of the pack( pos and neg) would connect to the controller.if you think ur in over ur head, do one mod at a time .., like motor first
By robnewyork
to clarify what i meant , each of the batts are rated 14.8.. but at full charge , my guess is 2 would be 32 volts.or 3 would be 48v.. ideally, u want the pack in the 36 -40v range .. this is all really really simple , it all depends on ur confidence to wire it
By robnewyork

it really doesnt get simpler.. i guess i could draw a napkin wiring diagram for the entire thing if you had everything.. The batteries are really the big decision
A .. get large slas and mount them somewhere custom like a basket, tool box etc
B .. get the lifepo4 u linked, and try to squeexe them into the deck with an angle grinder
C get the lipos , and use the appopriate connections , charger, and balancer.
By markdjr
After doing a little more research I am pretty sure I want to go with the lifepo4 batteries. What would be the pros and cons vs lipos? Which will charge faster? If I use the lifepo4, can I use the same charger you linked, or is there a charger that would charge them quicker? Thanks for any info.
By robnewyork
okay... im prettty sure those take a regaular charger./ ( please check and seee if they require any special gear like a BMS
By robnewyork
looking at that kit, I might start selling a " 36 v upgrade kit " , hell 217 sales and all i need to do is label the connectors for folks/
By markdjr
The connectors weren't even labeled but I liked the throttle controller. When I plugged it in, one of the spade connectors bent over, so it was an easy fix.

That being said, I don't think this thing is going to have enough power to hall me around. I need to throw some air in the tires to be sure, but probably going to need to go 48v and a bigger sprocket in the rear I guess. Thanks for the help.
By robnewyork
either that, or a higher amperage controller.. gearing helps, the 80tooth on the rear is a popular mod, but top speed goes down..ideally, a 500watt motor , geared 11-80 run at 36v with a 50amp controller would be how they come factory.. but not the case.
By markdjr
Thanks for the heads up. I ordered that controller and a 1000 watt 48v motor. I'll be really looking forward to seeing how it compares to what I just put together.
By markdjr
I'm going to throw an 80t the rear and probably go bigger on the front as well. Hoping to be able to handle the hills around home an maintain at least 10mph.
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By zogthegreat
If your aiming for 10 mph, go 12/80 or 13/80. I had my E300 geared that way and it would go straight up a hill with dropping any speed. There's a gear calculator here:

You can play around with the gears to find the speed that you want. What I used to do is to 2 sets of gears, (11/80 and 14/47), along with 2 different chains, this way I could change them out based on where I was going to be riding. Keep in mind though, those 8" tires don't absorb a lot of road bumps, really anything over 15 mph is both a harsh ride and dangerous!
By robnewyork
markdjr wrote:I'm going to throw an 80t the rear and probably go bigger on the front as well. Hoping to be able to handle the hills around home an maintain at least 10mph.

your barely gonna be able to ride it geared for 10.. i had a build like that and we had to run with it to get on because it would throw u right off.. u think im kidding , ur going from 700 watts peak to 9600 watts @ You have no idea how fast this thing is gonna be off the line
By markdjr
Duly noted. I will definitely test prior to swapping gears. Can I run the 48v motor on my 36v setup? Maybe just the motor upgrade will provide what I'm looking for.
By robnewyork
whats weird is the new yk controller imitation has labeled on the back 45amp and 48-60 v.. lets hope this is false like it always has been
By robnewyork
thats not good , the regular YK hit 196 on maurtis build.. HMMMM. we might be up the proverbial creek here.. the other biild for e300 I linked him to legit yk43b sold in the u,.s
By markdjr
I think I lost you guys in the discussion of amperage on the controller. Is there going to be a problem running the system at 36v or 48v? Also, what should I do for a fuse a circuit breaker? Thanks a lot for all the feedback, I really appreciate the experienced help.

For reference I bought one of these off of craigslist, I saw some videos of it cruising San Francisco and it looked like it could handle the hills. It is definitely handling the hills around my house with adequate speed, just barely enough, but livable. I wouldn't mind if the e300 outpaced it.

Im not sure what the power on the motor is, but the battery on the app is reading at 52v.
By robnewyork
everything is fine.. Just the new version of the yk43 b you bought is wayy weaker than thr original that i linked above //YEs , u can run 24-60 volts on either yk43b but I really wanted you to go the more powerful route so IF anything, you will need to slow it down.the one wheel thing looks cool and yes the e300 with the OLDER version yk43 B would outpace anything sold on the commercial market.. With the latest version that u BOUGHT, it should be slightly bettter or the same.. With either yk43b, the fuse would cost more than the controller itself.. Ive never installed one in my 43b builds because what happens first is a wire acts as a fuseable link and melts itself
By robnewyork
MY suggestion, run the new school yk43b ( the one from ebay ) then if thats not enough power, get the old school version..Keeping the build simple is really key to getting it running.. Once its running you can add lights, breakers, disc brakes, a flux capacitor , etc.
By Nando

I'm new to this and got a cheap E300 to upgrade.
First thing I wanted was to put variable throttle and after chagne to 36v, so I guess the controller that was shared before ( ... 1489166886) allows for both.

Question is, does it come really like in the photo? No plugs?
Ans what is that connection in the wiring diagram (the key switch) as I don't see any key place in the grip as some have.

By Nando
Sweet! Thank you for the links.
I'll order that controller, about the throttle grip I'll check for the twist type (just personal preference)
Just to confirm this controller can also run with 24v right?
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