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By mpmatt0
I have a go-bowen quad and currently have it at 36v. on flat road quad does great but the second it has the slightest incline on grass the thing can't move. and thats with a 3yr old on it! I'm thinking it has to be the controller. The motor is only 500w though and maybe thats the problem as well? If anybody has any advice please let me know. I thought about a kelly controller but looks a lot different than the controllers I'm used to playing with. I don't think i could figure out the wiring. Anyways, if someone has this controller let me know so i can rule that out. If not then please guide me to a controller with decent output. this one only gets like 27a. It seems hard to find anything over 30 now days for some reason. Let me know, THANKS.

Here is the controller i have: ... 4ae2ff1aba
By robnewyork
this is the simplest wiring known to man.. motor , batteries, and then the charger wires go right to the batteries
By mpmatt0
Great, thanks for the fast response! So i have the 3 pin charger port. You say that goes directly to battery? I have 3 batteries(36v) so charger wires go on each side of the pack in series?
By robnewyork
YES>> exactly ,it simply charges direct, not through the controller. it will take u 20 minutes to be all wired up
By mpmatt0
Ok great advice on the controller all installed and this baby whips with my 3 yr old. It's scary. I can also ride it now (190lbs). Although after he was riding for 15 mins it got slow and smelled really bad. Frying motor you think?
By robnewyork
oh nooo.. more than likely , he is not heavy enough to fry it.. it may have been your weight that did it in.. YES if it smells like burnt copper the motor is on its way out..What size batteries do you have ?? ID upgrade the motor while ur at it.. Im really shocked it fried pushing a 30 lb kid./
By mpmatt0
I don't think it was my 3 yr old that burnt it out. The neighbor was over using is and hes prob closer to 90 lbs. Anyways i got scared it was on its way out and sold it on craigslist. thank you for the help though
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