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By Quintus
So, just found a Razor e100 scooter by the garbage can of a neighbor. Tab on thumb throttle was broken and of course no charging cord. But free is free so no complaints. The thing basically looks new- ordered the charger and a twist throttle that replaced the thumb tab type. But here's my question, I want to know if I can upgrade the scooter to a 250W motor or larger and if so, can I just use e300 parts (I'm pretty sure mine is a series 1 and it is indeed belt drive- there was no stamp or sticker under the deck or in the battery compartment? Could I just change to the e300 parts- the rear tire, chain, motor, and maybe a motor controller??? plus some larger batteries??? Not sure if the chassis is compatible or not as I've never even seen the e300 types. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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By bassiclyLouDog

this post is from a guy who welded some brackets to his tiny razor. If you look up the user Storm he uses lipo packs...I believe he's getting into a brushless motor setup as well. I don't know what your budget or skill level is, but being the scooter is so tiny I would seriously look into at least a brushless motor if not alternitive batteries. I have a 300 and it is a crampped building platform. IMO the only way to setup a 300 is with 2 motors! I'll never go back!...for your build a small brusless motor would blow your doors off! with the right tires you could get speeds in the 20's easy.
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By rybitski
Hey Quintus, I think I have replied to some of your other posts recently. I also found my first electric scooter in the dumpster, mine was an E150 so slightly different. The E300 wheels are way too big and the E 200 wheel fits on the back with a little effort. You have to remove the band brake housing and trim a frame support for the chain path. The page Lou linked to is mine so maybe you will get some ideas of what is involved from looking at those pictures. I will be honest tho it is not a plug and play endevour. Without welding I'm not sure how you would accomplish your goal.. Here are some pictures of my recent upgrade to an E200 rear wheel.
hope this helps some.
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By bassiclyLouDog
how does the roller clutch work for you?! and how do you stop....oh wait! front paddles! I forgot. so that's like a 15t motor sprocket?! how much heat do you get on the motor? I'd love to see a vid of this thing in action.
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By bassiclyLouDog
something's better than nothing. I don't want to sound stupid..or jack this guy's thread, but I've always wondered how those roller clutches work. I guess you kick start it until you get going and the chain jumps into gear? how do you disengage? all of my scoots have free wheels so I'm already used to coasting. this info my help our friend out in his build.I've heard having no freewheel is a pain.
By CoolDad
Hey guys, I just joined this forum and found this thread (ironically after posting that I couldn't find anything). So are you guys saying that the E200 rear wheel is too big to fit the E100 unless you modify the frame? If so, that sucks.

I was hoping to just get the E100 going a 'touch' faster by way of upgrading it to E200 parts, including the controller, motor, rear wheel / tire.
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