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My E200 has a button next to the power switch which seems to be called a Reset button. I have always figured it to be a "circuit breaker" but I figured I would check to see what it's actual function is?

I am fairly easily able to trip this breaker and want to try to understand what I can do to stop this.

Here are some ways I can trip it, keep in mind that I am around 206 without clothing, so maybe closer to 210 clothed, and carry a backpack with laptop, so I guess I could be closer to 220 geared. ( I know the scooter's weight is rated at 220)

1) summer / fall time: The breaker could trip on rainy days when I am going up smaller inclines over a distance. I hear the motor change pitch and without a push the switch will trip
2) currently in winter it's wet all the time, and this issue mentioned above can happen 3-4 times a trip without me constantly giving pushes. (which on bigger wheels and in snowy conditions is extra tough to do)

I think the 1.5 hr drive in the trunk of my car is not working well on the batteries in the morning, they feel like they are almost dead when i ride even after a full charge. Riding home at night the batteries seem fine.

Am I over taxing the motor? is that what the switch trips for? I worry my batteries are dead (I've had the scooter for probably 3 months, riding around 5 days a week for 1.5 mile one way trips (3 miles a day) and I plug the charger in after every 1.5 mile trip.

What options do I have? I am going to be attempting to add another 6v to the battery pack to test the overall voltage issue since I figure I am close weight max (Will probably use a voltmeter to spot check the existing batteries too). Do I need to change the sprocket? I've been looking for a larger sprocket for my 3 bolt setup, but I can't find any that are listed to support the e200.

Will my batteries go bad that fast? I always see 100 charge cycles, which seems really low. I'm charging these batteries 2x a day, not a full discharge charge, but keeping it topped off. Having to pay $50+ every month or so, makes the scooter not so cost effective lol.
if they are still the original batteries, they maybe garbage. I bought my e300 on ebay and my batteries were crap. I think that the scooter sat a long time before I bought it. these batteries will die if left uncharged for a long time. it should be perfectly fine running 1.5m charging then running back and charging. that will not hurt the battery. you should get 200cycles, but that's about it? I got a year of hard riding out of my batteries. I rode in all seasons.
If your batteries are dying they lose capacity so they are more like 5ah batteries than 7ah...when they get tired the motor demands more draw and the breaker trips to prevent the battery from overdraining.
my guess is your breaker(or reset button) is only 15amps and you controller is 20-30amps. so if you change to a 30amp setup you won't trip on hills and such. I would browse CL for beater scooters with a little more power and building options. the e300 is great! I'm a fan of razor controllers. I've had 2 others. 1 was a 24-60v and I didn't agree with it. The other is the 40amp 48v on my electric mini bike. it's ok but it's more "soft start" razor controllers have very snappy response, but have have a wide path to full throttle. you can crawl or sky rocket or cruise.
Any way bigger wheels, more deckspace,, and gearing choices are all turn ons. If you're lucky you can find one that just needs guts and volts on the cheap.

You may also want to look into weather proofing your electronics, chain, motor housing and shaft. Last year the salt on the sidewalks rusted my MX500. use chain wax and maybe some silcone sealant ...using it in the open ends of your harnesses or hot glue!
I think there are some weather threads on here if not on the old forum for sure. I wanted to put my whole battery tray into a storage tub type deal. :roll:
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