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I've noticed that there really aren't that many people on this forum. I see probably 5-10 people posting at most.

Where are we all from and what do you do for work?

I know from reading some of Rob's posts he's an engineer, lol.

I live in Rockland, MA just south of Boston and I work for manufactures representative for commercial boilers and water heaters. I've worked as a service writer in the past and also for a food distributor company that sold mostly cheese.


wish i was an engineer, work as route driver last 4 yrs, from nyc , live in LA (the state not city).. There's always 5-10 members , never more , never less. Its the simple fact those people are constantly changing..In 2 months most of the posters will be different people, when most people finish their project they move on.
I can see how that will happen Rob with people coming and going.

I was reading in one of your other posts how someone had come on here and he was asking if you were an engineer.
I've been into the brushless Rc world for a while, or I was a few years ago. Now with two kids no real time or extra money.

I'm building the quad for my son but I'm really interested in doing my own project some day. Just need to find the right platform.

Other than the batteries these are fairly cheap to put together.
totally affordable.. look at the airgun hobby(my old hobby) the decent precharged pnuematics start at 500 bux and you need a scuba tank or a 700 dollar compressor to fill them// Plus our go to controller for adult speed is the yk43b , a 42 dollar controller lol. If your over 6feet, i find the mx500 to be the cheapest and most comfortable ride .. Ideally landing a dead moped or dirtbike would be better but its a matter of luck on craigslist
I'd really like to find a mini bike like somome already started building, the Baja doodle or Coleman mini bike. I should tell my father to start looking at swap meets. Something with no motor or a non working engine cheap. Or just sell a working engine if I can find it cheap enough.
nastety92 wrote:
robnewyork wrote:noah and basicloudog both have minibike chassis' their not using, id email em just to see.

Look at this thing Rob. Ton's of room for batteries. Any idea what a motor like this is worth if I were to sell it?
the motor would fetch 100 or so.. too many predator motors on the market now to really get top dollar
California, and I work in IT. So on a computer all day. =/ Get way to extreme on my hobbies, I find something I like and I end up with a bunch.. Currently have 8 jetskis in my driveway.. minimoto gokart, razor dune buggy, mx650, electric pit bike, and minimoto 400 (tiny buttocks electric street bike for babies) Now if I could just find some time. :cry:
Nice guys. I've been more into RC and real vehicle for a while now. I own a 92 GMC Typhoon that is modified and I race it at a local 1/4 miles track from time to time. I'm also into wood working and doing any type of project around my house.
living in San Diego, originally from SF Bay Area via NYC. past 20yrs been working in IT, right now as a SAN/NAS admin. got into this hobby because i was looking to fix a razor GF drifter, a xmas present for my daughter.

as soon as i found out i could upgrade instead of repair, i was hooked lol. got a whole fleet of e-rides now, going to stick around for a bit...
Does anyone have an adult side scooter that you can sit down on? The E300S, Schwinn makes some and plenty other ompanirsmmake them as well. They seem fairy cheap and should be easy to mod.
robnewyork wrote:i had a shwinn s500 as my first project,.. problem is with those styles any real power you wheelie bad, i busted my butt doing about 12 when i pulled a wheelie
Thanks for letting me know Rob. I will stay away from that design. Thats to bad they look like fun and seem fairly comfortable for an adult.
robnewyork wrote:the ride quality was scary after 20 mph with any bumps.. that said if u land one with suspension like this ... Swm8VU0kTw
then its worth it.. i rode an 800 watt just like this and it was really smooth.. still cant go huge power on them but for zipping around town at 25mph theyre pretty nice.
darn that thing is fancy. It better be for the $$. I'll keep looking.
im not saying buy that one lol! ive seen em for 100 bux with dead batteries on craigslist etc.. they make like 30 variants of this scooter all under different names so they are hard to search on the internet...for 900 bux id have u doing a 70 mph project !
Greater Denver Colorado area here, have been in telecommunications for the last 31 years with jobs all over the place from customer service to more recently quasi IT / Business Analyst / Supply Chain. Will be hitting the streets next month looking for work as my job is moving to Raleigh, NC area I we are not going to relocate. (no offence to that area, just not in the cards for us)

Have an Associates in Electrical Engineering but never really used that in work. Like doing remodeling, outdoors, camping, some RC plane stuff, previous motor head of some sort and now playing with Currie scooters / Razor motorcycles to make them go faster & hopefully longer & trying to keep our 2 kids in line :lol:

Need to start trimming the heard with the scooters this summer, kids like the motorcycles better & my oldest is working on his drivers license.
Pacific Northwest Here, Eugene Oregon. Im teach university and hs. Summers off equals fun projects for the kids. Used to be into rc planes and xbox360 now kids are can ride bikes been more into electric projects. I too see a need to thin out those scoots that are unsafe, impractical or too small for the kids.
PA hillbilly here. I live in western pa and spent a lot of time in the Harrisburg area in my 20s. My youth was spent doing stop motion claymation vids. Special effects makeup like Burns scars and monsters. My teen years spent learning guitar. In my 20s I played some acoustic gigs but got stuck on bass and learned so much more technique. I started modding after buying a scoot for my 12yr old. For work I cook all day and all night
Medically retired from the USAF, (I was in the US Army before that). I was the 7th generation of my family to serve in the military. I've lived all over the place/world, spent some time in Montreal after getting out, (I met my son's mother there while stationed at Plattsburgh AFB, NY).

I'm a Linux systems administrator and I do network security part time.

I also take "things" apart and try to make them "better" full time! :lol:

This is my second year living full time in a 36' motor home. I like it, but miss not having a proper workshop.
I worked in Tile and Carpet in NY to start, then ran a Facility services route in both NY and LA> HArd dirty work no matter what you do at Cintas. Very demanding , very physical..Hardest job ive ever had, and I was int he Army infantry and worked as a construction laborer in my teens
Central Texas, Austin area. Genetically infused with the tinker/fix it mentality. Started with slot cars, then tamiya rc as a kid. Didnt have a lot of money, so fixed up an old powerwheel for my youngest son, which led to modding, and now the mx bikes = the madness continues... I've enjoyed learning from all of you. For work, I'm a city planner.
I sell cars- Mostly new Subarus in Longmont Colorado.
I love to build and tinker but I'm pretty novice.
Lets say that I know enough to get myself into trouble but not enough to get out without help.

I feel like I'm starting to collect MX350's but I don't mind.
I'm up to 3 now and I only made the mistake of buying one new. :0

I have a 7yo and a 5yo but my little guy has some developmental delays and can't ride by himself so I like to ride with him so he get's to zoom around with big brother- I get to feel like a kid with them too.

I am trying to beef one up to carry us more comfortably.
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