Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By veggysaurus
So I got bored with the rattling chain and crappy clearance from having a my1020 24v 500w motor bolted under my razor e300 scooter. Have gone with a setup from uumotor shipped straight from the supplier. It’s a brushless 48v 800w setup custom wound for torque and only a speed of 35kph as is a long distance commuter doing over 30km each work day trip. Controller is rated at 30a continuous and 50a burst. Should make it nice to play on now. I scored a free e300 in great condition missing batteries and controller, so the frame will be modified so have a larger battery space and something for the disc brake to book onto.. easy work with my TIG. Once all done, will get the powerder fosters to string and redo the frame. I may even replace the Multistar 24v 16Ah packs with a 14s7p pack from ev3. :D

Voltage boost 24 -> 36v on the fly

Nah, thought about running another controller and […]