Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By imorton
Hi Everyone, I now have a new Currie Ezip750 scooter, and I have to say that I love it... :)

The specs says "Not to Exceed 260 lbs", and since I'm 6'1" and weigh @ 240 lbs and now have a second battery pack in the rear battery tray. If I was to total everything up (baskets, spare tool kit, 2nd battery pack, etc...) I am probably pushing @275 lbs.

When I am scooting along at 12 MPH I always wonder if the frame, tires, axles, or the steering head will fall apart or break?

I wonder what area of the scooter is taking the worst wear/tear from the over-weight?

What kind of weight are some of you carrying on your scooters? (mention what your MFG recommends weight wise)

With bike trailer before adding rear basket & 2nd battery pack
Added the 2nd battery pack
Hi Ian,
I weigh 230 lbs
I have a razor mx500 (175 limit) and a mx659 (220 limit)
Both are plenty strong for my weight and haul me around on paved surfaces with ease.
Both did not move me across soggy ground well, so I put a bigger sprocket on the back.
The weight limits are for the motor to safely pull without stressing them out too much. And they under rate them for safety's sake, so you are fine.

As Vince mentioned, his Razor MX500 and MX650 have the same frame/brakes/etc and only differ with the motor wattage, hence the different weight limits.
Vinceherman & Maurtis, thank you both for your replies. So I am now more informed as to the weight limits. I also guess that the MFG's have to put some form of lb rating on their bikes/scooter in order to limit being sued due to failure/user abuse.

I kind of wonder what kind of performance gains or loss a person gets by being 50 lbs over or under the MFG specs?

I know that since I have added a 2nd battery in parallel in the rear basket, the rear of the bike is much heavier. But from reading my iPhone speed/GPS app, I don't really see a difference in top speed. I may notice a slight difference in acceleration (5% loss) but the benefits of having 24v 24Ah on board surely out weigh the 5% loss of acceleration.

Next, I will have to take the scooter out for a good ride WITH the bike/dog trailer to see how that responds and reacts. The trailer weighs 25 lbs and my dog is 15 lbs, and should I get groceries, maybe another 10-20 lbs. Should be interesting to see how this whole thing goes...?

I can see that this whole scooter thing gets addictive, I have a "Need for more Speed"... Hmmmm, do I over-volt to 36 or 48 volts.... I guess that would entail a 36-48v controller, and ...?

Or do I go for a major upgrade, Lipo batteries, brushless motor, dc motor controller, and plus plus plus ... :)
Yup, welcome to the addiction! :)

What I would expect from adding another battery in parallel is more range, not speed. Speed comes from rpms, either from a voltage increase or gearing change. So you are not going to see more speed unless you increase the voltage (which also comes with the price of increased heat and stress on the motor and decreased longevity) or change the gearing where acceleration suffers but you gain top speed. Or, of course, replace the motor and controller with a higher powered replacements and strap your dog in for a 30 MPH run to the store!

As for over-volting, your existing controller may be able to handle 36V as is but if you have power LEDs on your throttle, they will no longer tell you when you are almost out of juice. Some people have had some of the newer eZip/iZip controllers not handle 36V (they just click but do not engage the motor), but a lot of us have had fine luck with them. They are at least a good place to start before you replace them with controllers that push more amps to get more acceleration ;)

The packs you currently have are 24V 12AH each right? To try 36V, you could always just take one of the batteries in your new pack are wire it in series with your old pack to get 36V 12AH. If you like the results, get another separate 24V 12AH pack like you have on your rear rack now so you have six 12V 12AH batteries total, and wire them together as two 36V 12AH packs, in parallel to make 36V 24AH. I figure that would get you around 20 MPH?

That is a LOT of lead, though, very heavy. It really depends on how far you want to go per trip.
Maurtis, will I need a 12 Step Program.. lolllll

In regards to overvolting I think that since 2007 teh controller have a HVC(high voltage cut-off) to limit voltage to @ 29.5v so a new controller is needed. Since I am hauling 275 lbs, I could see that even if it did work, the motor would get hot or hotter...

I see that for more speed that there is many options and I predict that I will be investigating that at a later time... lollll

I can see that my new Xmas list may include some "new scooter parts"... loll (can Santa say Lipo 36v 15Ah .. ) hihihihi
For the near future I think the two things you should get are a cheap bike "computer" that you can manually enter the wheel/travel info into and since it looks like it (like mine) only has front shocks a bigger sprung seat/saddle. I have my tires slightly overinflated so the springs really helped. Feels a bit mushy sometimes but at least I'm not sore after a ride. Fully charged (39.5 at this point) my overvolted scooter goes about 20. I took it up several longer uphill sections the other day and that kicked the speed down on the return to about 17-18 on the flats. I was actually a bit skeeerrrd when it really got going on the downhill parts because of the overinflation and gravel, sand and debris on the side of the road.
Hmmmm, overvalued and doing 20 MPH, nice…. :)

I did pick up a Power Watt meter (photo attached) to keep an eye and analyze the Watts, Amps, Voltage, Peaks, Minimums, etc….

I don't think I would want to do over 20-25 mph on the eZip 750 scooter as it only has a front brake and front suspension.

I did change the seat for a better/wider seat :)
Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 8.17.45 PM.jpg
Watt Power meter
Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 8.17.45 PM.jpg (10.41 KiB) Viewed 1860 times
i did 28-30 on my 48volt s500, it was actually pretty smooth, when i have brakes i wouldnt be as scared lol..even with 100 amps the low end acceleration wasnt much inproved, long term i plan to run a 36v 1000watt motor on 48v 100amps for wheelie like power but only to 20mph.. mines all stop and go here so having better 0-20 makes it faster than having a slow onset 30 mph.. you gotta remeber that the gas community has been doing 40 on tiny wheels for ages , and standing up , and often with no suspension at all .. :?
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