Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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After a lot of research today and calling around, I believe I found one of the very few premier sources in the U.S. that carries a big range of brushes for motors that we typically use and also has capability of sourcing what they don't have in stock. I think this could be a great find for modders.

The company is: Eurton Electric. Located in So. California, Whittier. (And right by my high school class of '72 locale to boot! lol)

Web site:

Their number: (562)946-4477

Ask for 'Charlie' and tell him 'Dave' sent you.

I just got off the phone with him and he's enthusiastic to fill our needs here. All he needs is to send him a sample brush and he'll match it up or get it for us if it's not in stock. 'High end' expensive brushes typically run about $25 per set. If it's not 'exotic' and off the shelf expect it to run about $15 to $20 for the set.

Anyway, since I plan to attempt rewinding and as I told Charlie it seems replacing brushes can be a big showstopper when we tinker with these things, and as that fact was always in the back of my mind even if I successfully rewound the thing. Who wants to tear into a motor and then go, "Oh crap, the freaken brushes are shot. Not what the heck do I do?"

Per their website they also do rewinds on small DC motors. Something which I found out today is rare as the vast majority of motor rebuild houses only work on much bigger industrial type stuff.

I'm hoping this place works out. Let us know what you find out too.

That's awesome! I've been too lazy to rip open my motor and measure the brushes. No I can just mail them out.
Ask him about unite motors specificly. I don't see anything on the website, but do see brushes that may work. Considering all I may need to fix my motor is a tube of goo from autozone and a $12 set of brushes from CA that's g-r-e-a-t news! Thanks scoot!
Some guys on the Yamaha XS650 forums I frequent (or used to, the bike is currently running...) were talking about making brushes for their alternators out of the carbon cores of D batteries. They would take the battery apart and just shape the carbon by hand... I don't remember how they attached wire to it...
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