Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By codeman
I stole this idea from another guy on this forum. I did it slightly differently. I believe he re-threaded the wheel flanges whereas I just bought the metric hardware so I could use the flanges as is. I used 65mm long M8 X1.25 metric bolts that are threaded into the flanges from the back. Then stack on washers and nuts to space the wheels out. Here is a close up and a comparison picture with one modified and one stock.
Razor Wheel Mod.jpg
Up close shot
Razor Wheel Mod.jpg (330.04 KiB) Viewed 1868 times
Here is a comparison. The one on the left is modified.
Razor Quad Comparison.JPG
Stock vs. Modified
Razor Quad Comparison.JPG (125.88 KiB) Viewed 1868 times

Do you have any links to show what you used for hardware to widen the rear wheels? Also did you just do the rear or the front as well?

By codeman
I did both the front and rear. I bought the parts at home depot so no links. You need M8 1.2 bolts I believe. Get them as long as you want to make it wider. Screw them in the wheel flanges from the rear. In other words they will be sticking out from the flange. I then bought two contractor packs of nuts that would slip over the bolts. I think they were 5/16" maybe. When you buy the bolts just go over to the American thread stuff and find nuts that will slip over the metric bolts. So screw them in so that they stick out from the wheel flange and then put 4 of the large nuts on each bolt then install the wheels. You will need 12 M8 1.2 bolts and 12 M8 nuts plus a lot of the spacer nuts. I think I added washers too and probably lock washers.
By codeman
A side benefit of doing this is added clearance on the front tires to install larger batteries. I installed 3 22Ah batteries in each. They are the same physical size as the 18Ah. I did have to limit the amount that the steering can turn though to avoid rubbing the battery.
By codeman
OH ok. Yes I don't think I posted the steering radius mod. There is a small tab on the chassis where the front wheel brackets are. They are perfect from limiting the turn radius. They have a small hole in them but I drilled it out and put a bolt and two washers in it.
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Steering_Mod1_1.JPG (267 KiB) Viewed 1619 times
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Steering_mod2.JPG (287.26 KiB) Viewed 1619 times
Looks good Rob. I'm going to have a custom metal battery box made then I'm going to bolt it to the frame and use velcro straps on the top to hold the batteries down. A friend of mine just opened a metal fab shop with a plasma cutting table, he uses a cad program and can do a lot of small words, shapes and anything else you can dream up.

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