Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By ottogi
I'm building a robot to attend to some of my lawn work, and the foundation of the bot is two Pocket mods bolted together (replaced the front wheels with 10" pneumatic casters)

The problem I'm having is the bot doesn't have near the low end torque I was expecting (can't get up hills on bumpy terrain, even with no weight load other than the bot frame) . Since the bot should never go more than about 3mph, I've been looking into the simplest way to do some reduction. I came across the MY1016Z3 and it looks like it will be much easier to just swap the motor and adjust the chain.

I was hoping this forum would have the experience to chime in on this before I drop the bucks on the motors.

The end result of what I want is a motor that isn't phased by going up a mild grade from a stop. If you have ideas to safely put more juice in the stock motors, or reduce the gears as easy as the motor swap, that'd be even better. Looking for any idea really. From my research thus far, the easiest way to go seems to be a motor swap, but I'm not really sure that motor will get what I need, other than being a near-drop-in fix if it does work.

Thanks in advance!

By ottogi
So I got a MY1016Z3 just to test it, and the sprocket difference makes it more effort than it's worth. In case anyone stumbles on this trying to accomplish the same thing.

It turns out my batteries were just bad anyway. I had poor luck with new batteries and just made assumptions without testing. Returned the bad new batteries, and replaced with new ones that I tested in store.. Now the stock motors are sufficient.

Also, I noticed the stock wire gets pretty hot. So if I have any more performance issues I'll be replacing that with something heftier.
By ottogi
It was just the batteries, the voltage was good, but they couldn't deliver the juice. It's running well now. The only diameter change was minimal due to a change to the dirt tire over the street tire. The controller I'm using is just a custom Arduino with a VNH5019 driver, which seems sufficient so far.

On a side note, the MY1016Z3 makes a decent motor to open a sliding glass door :D

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