Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By Elvill
Ok I think I can answer this question myself but I'd like to pose it to the community first?

I'm running 36v350w 1020motor and 36v350w controller on 48v12ah 2250rpms overvolted to 3375rpms on e300, hope you follow. 11t and 55t. I'd say I was going at least 23/24 but the numbers don't add up. It feels fast when motor reaches top speed but lags a little in acceleration due to gearing and small 350watts of motor umph. especially when I pack my son :)


Will the 24v500w 1020motor @2500rpm and 24v24ah of batteries be a better performer faster and more torque than 36v350w overvolted?

in other words on a e300 which is better

36v350w on 48volts? or 24v500w on 24v? or 24v500w overvolted to 36v?? if motor can handle

24v500w is rated at twice amps but will is have better everything than say maybe an overvolted 36v800w motor?

36v350w motor is perfect for single rider but my dual decker extended ride could use some extra umph when with kid.
Thank You for input

By codeman
You can put whatever motor you want on the 350W controller and you will not get more than the rated current output of I am guessing 30A. Current produces torque from the motor, so if you put a higher power motor in with a higher current output controller then you will have more acceleration. When you over volt the 350W controller you still limit to 30A and thus no additional torque from the motor BUT you get a lot more power. Power = voltage X current. Where this matters is top speed. You can still over volt and get more torque at the wheel by reducing your gear ratio. That is mechanical advantage.

So my opinion would be that if you switch to the 500W motor with a better controller then you will get a lot more torque from the motor. However it will probably be a wash if you adjusted the gearing of the each set up to have the same top speed. In other words the 350W overvolted setup will have a higher top speed then the 500W 24V setup if no gearing is changed. If you change the gearing to match then I don't think it will be a lot different.
By Elvill
Thanks codeman. I plan to use a different controller with new motor.

I read old old posts that 24v500w motor can take 48v no problem as long as I limit the controller watts. Think that will be my best option for torque and littler more top end.

24v500w motor, 36v500w controller running on 48v 12ah - 11t 55t - how does this all sound? can I expect 30mph and 9mile range
By codeman
I really can't give you those estimate. I don't have a scooter. I just have quads and dune buggies for the kids to ride. I have no idea how far they go but they last a long time.
By Elvill
nope, 24v500w 2500rpm motor overheats worse than 36v350w 2250rpm on 48v

imo best motor for e300 for distance commute is 36v350w motor on 48v, this motor handles heat very well, carry heavy load, and barely sips battery
By robnewyork
as far as unite motors that fit yea.. Im sure some rc motors and brushless hubs may run nicely on an e300 also.. The best is 2 300watt motors top and bottom with 2 controllers and 1 battery pack, brutal torque with dual controllers like the kart i build years ago

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