Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By JosephNY
I just swapped in an 80 tooth sprocket and new chain and having some difficulty.

The welded piece of frame that acts as a bracket for the rear of the deck is in the path of the chain, so that the chain rubs against it while running.

And, I can't figure out what path the chain should take around the tensioner. I have both sides of the chain being pushed taught by the tensioner, but I don't think that's right.

Could someone please advise how best to do this?

Thank you,


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By bassiclyLouDog
Tensioner? I'm pretty sure linked the chain around the rear of the body so that'd run clear if that makes sense. Probably thinking my dual motor. Post a pic of your issue
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