Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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I am currently using a 40V 4amp battery on my modified razor dirt bike.

The problem is is that every time I hook up a momentary switch as my throttle… It gets burned out.

Can any of you suggest a good momentary switch that will handle the DC current?



OK so you are using a momentary switch to power the motor instead of the motor speed controller? If so then you are running hundreds of amps through the switch. I can't think of any switch made that can handle that. Even the large contactor that is used in your central air conditioner would not last a really long time. A lead acid battery can output many hundreds of amps for a small one and thousands of amps for a big one. This is why you can melt a crescent wrench if you place it across the terminals of your car battery. The 4A on the battery means 4 Amp Hours. That is a capacity of charge number. It can supply 4 amps for an hour before it will be depleted. But you could also pull 8A for 30 minutes, or 16A for 15minutes, and so on. The second thing is that the motor will eventually burn up if you keep using it that way. It needs the motor speed controller to limit the current going into it. If not the motor will eventually die.

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