Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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Hello. I have been researching the various options of upgrading a Razor Dune Buggy and have decided to go with the 36V 500W motor with compatible controller.

I'm planning on getting this controller: ... C2&vxp=mtr

and this motor: ... Nw&vxp=mtr

Like many have done, I'm planning on mounting the controller on the back top 2 rails with tight wrap.

My concern is the motor mount - do I need to make any additional mods on the body frame of the buggy to fit the motor?

and the wiring. I know there will be many color coded wires..etc. Does any one know which wire goes to where?

Thank you.

all the wires are labeled , you will need a 3 wire hall throttle to match the controller
this is from china, next one from the u.s ... Sw9N1VliTI
this will plug right into the derailer slot provided on controller(white plastic connector ... SwxH1UFjUG
the controller can mount wherever.. mounting that motor will take some minor custom option is use this L bracket and mount it to the stock location.. drill holes to mount the motor perfectly aligned with the rear sprocket.. 3 6mm or 8mm bolts will do, i dont recall the size but its likely 6mm. not major custom work. ... Eb&vxp=mtr
another option is these U bolts without the bottom retainer just the nuts , note these are 4inch U bolts, the motor is 5.4 mm wider so minor force is needed ... 9l&vxp=mtr

lastly u can get 4.5 inch U bolts but now u have 7mm of slack give or take
Thank you robnewyork!!!

I was not aware we needed to replace the stock throttle. Thank your that info.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can mount the charger port and power switch that is currently connected to the plastic cover? Oh!! Since I'm upgrading to 3x 12V battery, which charger do you recommend that will be compatible with the stock charging port?

I'm going to order the parts tomorrow morning.
the charging port will wire straight to the controller through the provided white connector, no work needed and the stock port will now accept this charger with identical plug ... SwSdZWg0f9

now if u want really short run time but save money ... SwI-BWGGLa
Thank you!!

I just ordered the 500w 36v motor, 500w 36v controller, 36v electronic thumb throttle, 3x 12v10ah battery packs, and a 36v charger.

I can't wait for everything to arrive so I can start assembling the parts and go for my first test drive!!

I'll let you know if I run into any issues/questions. Thank you again!!!!
jgsiao83 wrote:What do you recommend getting to connect the other items to the controller (new throttle, battery, and motor) ?
since the new controller will be in a different location, it would be helpful to have these on hand since you're going to likely need to rewire the charger port, on/off switch, and battery harness: ... 0Q&vxp=mtr ... HZ&vxp=mtr

also pick up a decent crimper and 12/14/16/18awg silicone wire if not on hand already...

The current stock throttle is neatly tuck beneath the buggy. What happens when I connect the new motor and controller to the stock throttle? Just curious.

The new throttle arrives today.
The motor, battery is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.
The controller and connectors are coming on Friday.
This weekend is going to be F U N !!!
+robnewyork - There are 2 wires coming from the front of the buggy. One is a 2 pin/2 wire (black and red) and the other is a 6 pin/6 wire (yellow, white, blue, red..) ... 1.jpg?dl=0

I'm assuming one is from the brakes and the other is the throttle?

The new throttle I received has 4 cables (black, white, red, green) ... 6.jpg?dl=0 ... 9.jpg?dl=0

I haven't received the new controller yet, but I'm wondering how come the stock has 6 pins and the one I ordered has only 4 pins?
ok ur right brakes and throttle.. the 3 essential hall wires on the new throttle will match those on the new controller. ignore the old, i think the other 2 on the old are for volt indicator but my memory may be off. either way the new throttle will match 3 of the wires on the new controller.. id set the old one aside and save it.THE brake connector will also have a matching port on the new controller if u want that option hooked up.. remember the throttle link on the new controller is labeled derallier
I received my motor today!! ... 4.jpg?dl=0

So I hammered down the bracket that was used to mount the old controller. This allowed me space to position the new motor. I went to Home Depot to pick up a piece of sheet metal so the bottom of the motor will have more support. Now I'm trying to figure out how to mount this bracket. The motor has no bracket at all.

Top view of new motor: ... 1.jpg?dl=0

OLD vs NEW: ... 4.jpg?dl=0

I also picked up a roll of metal straps from Home Depot. I was thinking someone I can strap down the motor from moving...but the main concern I have is to keep the motor in place so the gear will be aligned to the chain.

Any ideas?
robnework - what exactly is the difference between a 24v Throttle and a 36v throttle?

I compared the two and the 36v I received is so much more cheaper looking than the stock 24v. The cables are thicker on the stock and the overall unit feels/looks solid. If I kept the 24v Throttle and connected to the controller with my 36v battery setup, will it blow the LED lights on the 24v Throttle or something bad?
I received the controller today and am having trouble figuring out the throttle connection.

On the stock 24V throttle, there are 6 cables connected to a single white plastic connector.
(red, yellow, blue, black, white, and brown)

On the new 36V throttle, there are only 4 cables connected to a single white plastic connector.
(red, green, yellow, and black)

On the 36V controller I got, there are 8 connectors:

1) Black/White = Battery
2) Blue/Yellow = Motor
3) Black/White = Brake
4) Black/Red/Blue = label says "TO PUT"
5) Red/Yellow = label says "BRAKE LIGHTS"
6) Blue/Red = label says "POWER LOCKS"
7) Red/Black = label says "CHARGE"
8) Red/Black - label says "INDICATOR"

I have connected the battery, motor, and brake and need some help figuring out which cables are the correct one to match the throttle I have. Sooooo close!!
Thanks, just to confirm...for 6) Power Locks, would this go to the on/off switch on the stock cable and 7) would go to the battery charger port?

Earlier, I connected the battery to the controller with the on/off switch to on by mistake and it blew the fuse in the battery wires. I'm wondering, did the fuse blow because the motor was not connected yet so that's why there was too much current?

I need to order a new fuse now. lol Hopefully Radio Shack carries it!!
7 is charge port the motor had nothing to do with fuse blowing.. did u mount the motor>?3 wire to 3 wire hall, the lock connector can go to the on off switch , or an on off switch can be place on the positve lead from the battery to the controller. get the old throttle away from the project, random extra parts laying near a diagram can confure even the best electricians, why i have no idea but zero distractions from the basics is ideal.. Matter of fact i need to share that with all new people lol.
the fuses blow soo often i never used anything except a breaker on my lower amp project... the logic is simple, if something goes wrong the current will far exceed the 30 amp fuse anyway, so lets say u have a 50 amp breaker it will trip either way.. whereas the fuses seem to go at random but for ur application id skip it.. wire direct.
I returned the motor yesterday and ordered a new motor with the mounting brackets welded on. I feel four screws fastened between the motor and the buggy frame should be solid enough to prevent the motor from dismounting.

So going back to the throttle connection..

New Throttle:
(red, green, yellow, and black)

ToPut connector on controller:

Connection would be:
Throttle = Controller:
Red = Red
Black = Black
Green & Yellow = Blue

no skip the yellow or the green on throttle..WHAT MOTOR DID YOU ORDER? anyway// new throttle wires used arre red black and green at first..connect these to the red black (matching )and green on the controller.. so all color matching.. i.. new throttle and controller have matching colors from what i see so connect all 4.then to put connector i thought was 2 wires.. ill need to look again.. matter of fact link me to the controller, im gonna look for it now.
Plug :

1.Red & Black (large cable) : Battery connections

2.Yellow & Blue : Motor connections

3.Red & Blue : Key Switch(power lock)
(If there is no power door locks,red connection to blue)

4.Yellow & black : brake

5.Red & Yellow: Brake light

6.Red&Black(small cable) : indicator light

7.Red, Black & Blue: Speed Regulator 1-4 V(Throttle )
(Red:+5v,Black: - ,Blue :Signal Wire)

8.Red & Black (small cable): Charger

Click here to Enlarge
I chose that model because of the 3 led lights (power, full, low). With my current setup will the lights work once everything is connected?

The motor should arrive by Tuesday. The main difference with the new motor vs the one I had ordered is that the new one had the welded brakets. I feel more comfortable with the brackets.

Oh...If I want to hookup a 36v battery gauge meter, will I just connect the cable off the red wire from the battery connector?
answer 1 is no.there appears to be no power indicator on the controller throttle input to accomadate this feature.
2 ,.. hook up the stock motor to the controller so you can test the wiring before the new motor arrives, this will save lots of time and headache
3 NO/.. u will need an external gauge that will have a red , black , and yellow or orange wires.. this will connect to the battery pack as a whole to measure the total voltage.. Needless to say you will want to turn this gauge on and off , so a switch may be in order. can you wire it to the on off switch sure,.but that would complicate things.. For now id focus on wiring the controller so the system works and the motor spins,.once thats accomplished we can discuss gauges.
u can use the stock switch on the kart, but keep in mind its 2 pole so u may have to try different sides for the lock connector , in other words the charger side of the stock switch doesnt always mean its a circuit.. id honestly just wire em together for now.. so the controller is on.. wire the throttle, motor battery and lock and it should be ready to roll.
you can , just if it doesnt turn on with the first try move one of the wires to another terminal. make sure the charger wires go to the charger port and not to the switch. 2 lock wires to switch, 2 wires from charger port to the charger connector on controller. (like i said if the switch doesnt turn the controller on at first try move a wire to a different prong .
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