Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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low rpm, 2700 v at 24v or 36 , they didnt say.. no means of keeping it cool, kinda like a winch motor..seems to be a series wound motor,, OVerall
1 .. the same kinda motor can be had for half the price in 12 v made by nissan
2 no internal cooling
3. not a PM motor
theres simply too many better motors for less
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By zen_racer
robnewyork wrote:low rpm, 2700 v at 24v or 36 , they didnt say..
in the vid they are claiming 8000rpm:

i already have a 24v 1/3hp leeson, same one that bassiclyLouDog has in his minibike project. he's been having some issues with that setup so i'm holding off on doing anything with my motor for now.

the last 12v motor you linked up, lists at 28a peak. is that much different from the leeson i have?
1.. idk what voltage lets this motor move at 8000! thats really good but if its a series wound, with no load they all spin extremely fast
2.. dont go off lou's experience, the odds of a faulty leeson are extremely small. Id hook that motor to a random chassis and test it with 43b, i bet its a beast
3. the 12v motor i listed is more similar to the above motor based on dimensions and no cooling. 28amp at 12v is 336watts, not powerful at stock settings, the leeson 1/3rd is 24v 13.5 amps 324 watts so very similar (the leeson the better motor by far only because internal fan )
I dont really see any tangible specs on this motor , in other words were comparing the nominal numbers on the other 2 motors and the self claimed peak numbers on this motor !
In reality , the 1/3 hp leeson on 48v and the yk42-4 controller would work just fine , so then we can safely say its running 3484 WATTS ! right .. WELL GUESS WHAT , thats 4.67 HP , way more than the above motor claims . The 12 v i listed i wouldnt push beyond 2400 personally but thats neither here nor there.
4 . they simply dont offer lots of info on the motor, it remind me of when we bought an ampflow motor, they make these insane claims and sell 40 dollar motors for 100 and claim they are vastly superior or "reworked".. Meanwhile we blew one and another member blew another almost instantly..
overall im sure the motor would be fine on a 50 amp controller with 36 volts, but for that price id get a 400 amp kelly controller (239 plus shipping ) and that industrial in the for sale section (45 shipped) and use that combo till i found a good internally cooled bigger motor
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By zen_racer
good points there, thanks for taking the time for that reply. i emailed the seller for more specs on that motor but i'm not close to buying it at that price, 8000rpm defiinitely caught my attention though

browsing around i found more from the same seller, this one seems like an ampflow based on 3000rpm @ 12v: ... 2116644322
just based on the size of it id rather have a 350 unite.(350watt has been reliably handling 750watts for a while,36v X 30 amps =1080watts). sounds funny but look at codemans giant wheelchair motor on his razor quad.. He said the heat is insane and the top speed is gone. And thats a gearhead motor about twice the size of this one..Yep, seems like an ampflow style scammer.i still have to answer questions on amazon about the ampflow.its a shame they dont make high performance scooter specific brushed motors .. the only i know of are these ... p-510.html

but again those are basically just industrials

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