Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By musicnmotionz
I am trying industrial motors for the first time. I just bought this one: ... EBIDX%3AIT

Will it work with this sprocket? ... 2-20-E.axd

The motor has a keyway but the sprocket does not. Will this be a problem? Can I just use the set screws to keep the sprocket on the shaft? Also, do you think the motor would be able to handle the YK-43B controller? I am planning to run it at either 24 or 36 volts.

Any additional thoughts also appreciated!

i dont see the shaft diameter so no telling. my leeson was 5/8th but 3 times more HP.without putting a keyway in the sprocket u will have to use the stock setscrew into the keyway to lock the sprocket to motor shaft.
20 tooth is wayyyyyy to high on this small motor. id look at 17 or whatever is the smallest tooth count that will fit ( unless ur putting it on the dune buggy with jackshaft)
the good news is at 12 v , if you run this at 36v you have 5400 rpm.
you can try it on the 43b, Im concerned its not internlly cooled. Id run it yk43b 24v, see how the temp is and graduate from there
Thanks Rob! I was really hoping to get a motor in the 1/2-1 hp range, but this one only cost me $60, so I said what the heck, try it out. Will keep updating as I build this thing. Do you think this motor is capable of getting me past the 30mph mark? I weigh 180lbs.
Yea seller listed at $150 but accepted my best offer. I am putting it on an izip 750, which has the same frame as the schwinn/ezip 1000. my izip does 23mph currently, but I've got some nice open roads where I live, so why not...
awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!i got my last leeson for 60 outa pure luck years ago. Ok well the bigger challenge is mounting the motor. a metal plate from the seat post to the 2 rear posts seems to be the most obvious design.. those are 90 tooth scooters off the top off my head so u will have a great gear ratio with the 17tooth.. (might wheelie ).. Anyway at 17-90 on proper amperage at 36v the scooter should do 36.4 mph calcd,or 32 mph real world with gobs or torque!
Spent the last 3 hours mounting the Leeson, putting a new chain on, and updating some cables. Ended up using the frame of an Ezip 750, because it was easier and because the brakes on it are better than the ones on my bigger Izip. Controller was a Currie 24v 40a. Battery was a Lifepo4 36v 20ah pack I've been using for the past 3 years. Top speed was 36mph down a slight incline. On relatively flat roads, max speed was 33mph. Gearing was 20t on the motor and 90t on the wheel. Plenty of torque! I can't imagine what it would be like with a yk43 and sla batteries......that's next....after I buy some life insurance. lol
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Brakes are ok....I usually slow down ahead of time, so as to not abuse the brakes too much. The controller upgrade will probably not happen on this scooter. I'll save it for my bigger one, after I find another motor. Hey Rob, what do you think about this one? Says 6120rpm at 12V, but with a 30 min duty cycle: ... SwimdXo~zE
id gear it heavy but hell yea why not.. especially if your running it below 50 amps. the duty cycle will likely never become an issue........ the rpm rating is crazy, thought it was series wound but it says PM
For some reason, I like the feel of the e750 scooter right up until about 29mph. After that, it starts to get a little shaky. Before the industrial build, it would top out at 23-ish, and still kinda left me wanting more. I'm blessed with some pretty good roads where I live too. I tried going from 20t to 17t on the motor sprocket, but I need a half-link to get it to fit.
the 17 tooth will be a huge improvement or torque.. ( not that its really needed) i can honestly rate these chassis' for the feel at speed and the likelyhood of survival./ the S500 chassis was ok right till 26 mph, about the same as u say,, The pocket mod was actually good till about 33 ish.. the dune buggy is really bad after 30 mph.. the other 2 karts shouldnt be pushed beyond 21 or so unless its on brand new roads.The mx500 felt perfectly safe at 41.6 , no problems , no fear.,and cruising at 30 created no worries.. Matter of fact were i to make another id gear it for 50 ...the e200 we had going pretty fast till buddy crashed, but id say those should be limited to about 21 mph.
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