Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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This is a mx350 I have with a new 300 watt motor. purchased like this.

the owner before had training wheels on it for the kid but I am pretty sure it has ruined the rear wheel.

If I pick up the bike it spins under throttle. if my kid gets on and gives throttle from start the motor spins and the rear sprocket spins and it sounds like a stripped gear.

what I am thinking is because of the training wheels I am thinking the rear wheel has been messed up. I am just thinking how my son looked when he had training wheels on his bike and when turning it sometime made the rear wheel slip. I am thinking that this wheel wasnt making 100% contact with the cement at all times and therefore it was freespinning and hitting the ground and somehow messed up the hub.

the sprocket spins with the motor but makes grinding noise and the wheel doesnt spin under load. I can actually hold up the bike and hold the tire then hit the throttle and cause it to slip and grind.

sounds like I need to buy new rear wheel assembly.

okay apparently the rear clutch is jacked up. Was about to buy a new one for $15 but ran across an entire new tire /rim/brake/clutch assmebly for $45 shipped new. better to install complete new assembly in case any other parts on original are messed up. I did notice a bend when rim spinning.

It was finally time to hook everything up and turn[…]