Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By 954e300
So I have a e300 chassis and want to be able to run up and down the streets with the little guys on their scooters. Im not looking for any speed, just want to be able to run around for 20-30 min at a time.

So please help set me up for a 250lb ride. I plan on lengthening the frame 12 inches after getting everything up and running.

So is it realistic to try, or am I wasting time? Here is the direction I am thinking

So 24v or 36v set up? and how many watts? I was looking at these ... EBIDX%3AIT ... 1945880754 ... 2175801082
80tooth sprocket I assume, and a smaller motor sprocket?

Thanks a lot, G

By robnewyork
heres a 250lb setup with no gearing mods , higher top speed, and will carry 250 uphill.. ill try to keep it affordable.Hope you have some very basic mechanical skills'
800watt motor with 25 pitch ... SwQItT7tja
higher amperage controller for torque ... SwLF1YBFzb

3 new batteries. will need to be custom mounted , just like the motor.. where to put them , up to u..this will need to be run at 36v , no more or u will kill the motor ... Sw9N1VldGF

on /off switch , high amperage ... Nh&vxp=mtr

well , 73+61+6+44 ISNT CHEAP , BUT AS cheap as i can think of or find for a 250lb reliable e300./. maybe someone will have a sub 185 dollar idea. run time with this combo would be 4-5 miles takin it easy , top speed would be 17.9mph.assuming your rear sprocket is 55 tooth and not 65 tooth
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By zogthegreat
Hi 954e300,

The setup that robnewyork is suggesting will do the job for you. I also weigh in at 250, ( :roll: ), and I did an E300 project with a 36v 1000w Unite motor, YK43B controller and 11/80 gears.


I was living in Montreal at the time, which has some fairly steep hills. Not only would this thing climb straight up them with me on it, my son almost literally drove it up a wall. I say almost, because it dumped him on his butt and then started climbing the wall when he didn't let go of the throttle!

I used a Dean's plug for my power switch, (I'll try to find a picture of how I did that), instead of the switch that rob is suggesting, but the controller that he is recommending looks just like my YK43B. I went with 12v 10ah for the battery pack, but I modified the bottom box to fit them and the controller. I also made a custom deck for mine, but peruse the forum, some people have been able to defy the rules of physics and stuff everything under the original deck.

If you go with the same gear ratio that I did, you will be able to ride for a good 20 - 30 minutes, but at a max of 12 mph, (with fresh batteries and the wind at your back! :lol: ) But be careful, this setup has a lot of torque!
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By noahmercier
I hooked up a mx350 with a 36v 500w motor (11-80 gearing) with the yk43b and dam it was powerful. I kept trying to withstand a decent wheelie the length of my street but I would always give it too much throttle and fall over. A 36v 1000w motor with the same gearing and yk43b should easily push your weight. If you are going to lengthen it I would definitely use 12ah or 15ah batteries.
By 954e300
So they have 4 kits for the motor and controls.
1000w 48v
1000w 36v, both $125
800w 48v
800w 36v, both $100

Do I just get more torque with the volts or watts? 36v vs 48v, which one is better for batt life?
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By zen_racer
954e300 wrote:Do I just get more torque with the volts or watts? 36v vs 48v, which one is better for batt life?
amp draw provides the torque, not voltage nor watts. increasing available amps will increase torque and decrease battery life at the same time.
954e300 wrote:Im not looking for any speed, just want to be able to run around for 20-30 min at a time
have your project goals changed since the first post - top speed not too much of a concern, priority on battery run time?

if the goals are the same then my approach would be:
- increase torque by changing gear ratio
- maximize runtime by not overvolting

48v 750w motor 2800rpm, $49 free shipping from US: ... y1020.html

basic universal 48v 1000w controller, $19 free shipping from china: ... SwXeJYHga3

80t wheel sprocket for 25# chain, $16 free US shipping if combined w motor above ... o2moh.html

11t motor sprocket for #25 chain, $6 plus shipping ... ory=132676
By 954e300
Well I would say that's the ticket I'll go with Zen.

Here is a whole kit I found for $150 ... SwYHxWPm3g
New MY1020 type 800W 36V motor with mounting bracket $61
1000W 48V controller $31
48V charger $22
Thumb Throttle (no voltage indication) $10
2 chain 25H (8mm) with master links $12
25H (8mm) 11 tooth sprocket (separate from motor) $0

Just noticed its a 36v motor, Ill see if they can swap it.
Total $136 + 11.50 s&h
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By zen_racer
954e300 wrote:Here is a whole kit I found for $150
personally i'm not fond of those kits. ... they tend to be overpriced and usually the kit will have parts that you can find elsewhere that have better specs, more features, etc

for example, that kit includes a basic throttle with no voltage indication. for a few more bucks i can find a compatible throttle with voltage indicator and with a built in power switch.

the kit also does not include the 80t wheel sprocket which is the part that will provide the torque gains needed to carry a heavier rider...
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By zen_racer
robnewyork wrote:you wont have enough torque with that controller,and you WANT the 36v motor combined with 48v controller. Not the opposite
if "the little guys on their scooters" means elementary school kids riding on stock 24V razors, wouldnt overvolting a 1000w motor be a bit overkill?
954e300 wrote:So I have a e300 chassis and want to be able to run up and down the streets with the little guys on their scooters. Im not looking for any speed, just want to be able to run around for 20-30 min at a time.
By robnewyork
that looks amazing , super stretch e300!
Zen - im not sure whos riding this anymore, but you really cannot build it right for a 250lb man, and also school children.. You would a programmable comtroller
By robnewyork
ok, well then were back to the notion that u may need the yk43b to have enogh power.. keep in mind the e300 barely moves with 105 lbs on it stock.. ( some people are lucky but ive had 2 )
By robnewyork
theres an 89 tooth on ebay that may improve it drastically with low amperage , granted top speed will be down soo substantially you would need to double volt to get back to 15 plus mph
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