Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By rhyoo
Hi folks,

I just joined this forum since I learned a lot from this forum. I’m reaching out to you guys hoping that you’ll give me some info and suggestion. I recently bought a used e300 for a good price ($40) based on the area I’m living (nyc.. everyone here are into urban transport). Everything works well but I’m not satisfied with the speed and shorter battery run. I’m 180 pounds and here’s what I tried to achieved in order
1. Long run
2. torque
3. speed
I understand that there’s a lot of option there, but the more I search the more I lean towards this option, again feel free to correct me if you have any idea that will fit me better. I want to do “overvolting” to ensure I have a longer run, so basically running 36v on 24v motor and 24v controller or the other option is running 48v on 36v motor and controller. But I think running 48v is little hard for me since I’m want to avoid fabricating as much as possible (I know it needed for bigger motor and 4 batteries). I live in small apartment in nyc and only have a simple tool like small dremmel, drill, and handsaw.
There was a post by Rob mentioning to use 2 stock motors in series, one on top of the stock one. This looks promising for me since i don't have to mount a new bracket for bigger motor, I can keep the kick stand, etc.. I think this will improve my torque drastically beside changing the sprocket to 80t. how many Ah of 3 12v batteries that the best one to do this job? The controller with adjustable throttle that was suggested before also out of stock now :(. Any suggestion or advice how to make this happen ? or maybe even other system set up that efficient? I want to keep it using a sla for the cost and safety.

Thank you in advance ..
Best regards,

By robnewyork
first off, overvolting reduces run time , Not increases it..
What you want to do is replace the Throttle, controller, and batteries.. a good combo of the 3 will give you really good range and a regular top speed of `15 mph..
10ah will fit in the tray , they are the biggest u can squeeze so 2 of them ... OSweWVXfop~

then a controller, you will want about 40 amps ... uct_id=170

and a matching HALL throttle ... duct_id=72
By rhyoo
Thank you for the guidance Rob. So is that set up for 1 stock e300 motor or 2? I saw 24v 500w has a higher rpm (3000rpm).. What do you think about that option in my case?
By rhyoo
Thanks again. I guess I will just stick with stock motor, benefit the long range, and we'll see from there. I will order the part tonight.
By rhyoo
Can't wait Rob 8-) . Just curious by looking at your username, are you in ny? I'm in queens btw.
By rhyoo
Icic. I still live in forest hills. Final question for my shopping list...what size is the wire thickness (gauge) and battery connector should I buy?
By rhyoo
Still waiting the controller, throttle, and charger from tnc, but I received the 10ah battery from eBay already. Opened up the tray and found out that while this 10ah has the same length and width, It's 15 millimeters taller than the original 7ah battery. I tried to fit it into tray and it doesn't fit. We miss by few millimeters :( any advice Rob?
By rhyoo
ok Rob got the parts from tnc. I labeled each cable and connector before I unplugged all the cable and connector from stock controller and stumbled with something that confused me. The yk42-2 has 4 input...battery, motor, throttle, and brake. Where do I connect the charger ? And also on the original controller there are 2 cables that connect to on off switch unlike the yk42-2?
By robnewyork
you need to wire in your own on off switch.. throw out whatever switches from razor you have.. The charger needs to wire direct to battery pack.. in other words, the 2 wires from the 3 prong charging part now go to the battery pack bypassing the controller
By rhyoo
Ah that makes sense, thanks. I just ordered that on off switch. I also decide to make my own tray, this would gives me more room for the controller. I figure if I still need to grind and work on stock tray to makes thing fit, I rather give it a shot and make my own. Just found the plastic tray that fit the width of the battery snuggly. Drill, dremmel, and jig saw should do the job. Wish you still live here Rob, I'm in forest hills 10 mins away from woodside. Would've treat you beer and learn scooter mods from you in person.
By rhyoo
Okay I know it's a long overdue because I was away for weeks working in another city, but I managed to finished wiring and test it out in my apartment hallway. It's up and running !!! I can tell right away the torque and acceleration improved drastically. I also install led light to fancy it up little bit. I will finish this weekend for decal, slight plasti-dip, and put skateboard grip tape to make it looks nicer. Then I can test drive it on the street to enjoy the hell out of it. What's your range estimation on this set-up?
It's funny how most of the time I spend on finding a perfect fit tray, measuring, cutting, I understand why you suggest me to stick with original tray in the beginning. Will post the picture once i finish the whole thing :).

Thanks again for your big help Rob !!!
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