Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By robnewyork
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the gear set is made to handle the 250-350 wattt range, and you should never need the gear reduction on a 1000 watt.. were i building a quad id do the 1000 watt motor straight chained to the back gear, and a 50 plus amp controller
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By zogthegreat
Thanks rob,

BTW, what is the chain size on the Quad? I noticed that it's bigger and thicker than the #25. I was going to use some #25 chain that I have, (I also have a couple of #25 sprockets that fit on the Quads sprocket mount). Will the #25 be OK?

Also, do you know where I can get some bushings for the front tie rods? The one's on mine are very lose.


By robnewyork
dont know about the bushings, i think the chain is tf8 or bike chain.. ( not sure ) if you are changing all the sprockets, 25 will work but it wont work with the stock sprockets.
By Laundrydude
For bushings and rod ends I go to McMaster Carr website. If the chain is the same pitch as 25 but thicker, it could be extra heavy 25. As far as the gear motor I put on a 36v 1000w controller from eBay and it goes about 12mph and has good power for my kids (60lbs and 120lbs). I want to find or put together a 24v 500 watt gear motor instead of the 350.

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