Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By veggysaurus
Hey I have an e300 and it struggles with the 24v 250watt motor which has a 55T, I'm around 75kg/155lb ish. Currently running a pair of 16aH Multirotors in parallel giving 32 aH. This is more than enough for my commuting to work and I can sacrifice from storage for torque up hills. I have a 24v controller with hall throttle that can handle up to a 550watt motor. The motor is 6 years old so the brushes are prolly a bit shagged!

What sort of a difference will the Unite 350w 24v motor make. Or are the XYD 350 & 450 motor a better built option to move to??

Also given I am usually 100% throttle unless going down hill with the 250w, with say the XYD 450w mounted, am I likely to be less throttle due to the torque from motor on flats and using similar or little more amps than 250w, but on hills need 100% throttle making it easier up hills but sucking more amps.

Still working out elect motors in the head!


By robnewyork
if you are full throttle the entire way, you are not running efficiently.. what you want is loads of power so ur only running half throttle the entire way.. ive tested this theory and gotten good range on scooters that people said would not go 2 miles. Why.. because the motor barely had to turn after initial takeoff, no amps needed. so my controller was high amps , yes, but the motor only used em to get me moving , after that it was like cruise control.
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By veggysaurus
Champion.. thx

Can anyone comment on the XYD motors, easy enough to get a bracket laser cut to mount one. Plus they seem to have the same size as the unite 250w motor of 100mm X & Y which is great!
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By veggysaurus
So the speed controller has a max of 30 amps. Would the controller not give the amounts of amps needed for the motor load. Guessing one could fry the controller if too many amps are drawn.
But not sure how to read the spec graphs they supply for motors? The 2 XYD motors are: ... ocket.html ... et-en.html
By robnewyork
what u want ideally is 500watt 24 v motor run on a 36 volt system , should be smooth sailing to over 20 mph and fairly reliable
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By veggysaurus
given i am currently running around half throttle on the flats at 15mph or close to with a 24v 30a controller.. should i aim to go for a 36v controller and similar amp's as well.. net effect i understand of going to a 36v controller is 50% extra effect... how will that effect my efficiency on the flats in a steady state.. i understand that going quick means its also pushing me through air and requires more effort. Currently i am doing a 20mile return trip to work with some hills included and my Voltage is 4.2v/cell when i leave and when arriving home its around 3.78v. Batteries have also only been cycled maybe 10 times so still early days and the IR is still very low.. I would imagine that as they get older and the IR increase the will drain more of batteries in their latter life or is it just more power loss for same wH's being consumed??

By robnewyork
if your happy with the top speed , no need to overvolt..just like u mentioned, in wide open throttle ur using 50% more wattage.. something to consider as far as range goes, and also the longevity of the motor.. 20 miles is a tough haul even at the stock voltage.. entirely up to u.. obviously running half throttle at 36v is still better than full throttle at 24
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By veggysaurus
I do check the temp of the motor after each trip and it is barely warm and never above 90*f ish.
In some way i would prefer to go 48v as i run a couple of Multistar 16AH packs, but distance is most important than anything else.

I was readying a post on here by shortcircuit911 saying that a 24v motor has to work twice as hard a 48v motor to achieve the same power. A higher voltage motor runs more efficient, and that that a 24v motor sucks 2x the current that the same 48v motor would. Doing so would drain the battery much faster...

makes me think about a 48v setup with a 36v500w motor and gear it down to 15-20mph.
or go an xyd 48v500w motor which might maybe more efficient and gear upto 20mph maybe.
going a 48v motor would also mean better heat management no, than over volting a 36v motor to 48v?
By robnewyork
UGGHH>> uve gone and really confused yourself././ first off , once you runa 36v at 48 v , you only gain 33 Percent top speed ( rpms =top speed) With the 24 v running 36 you gain 50% top speed.. Theres no free rpms , and in reality , theres no free wattage.. So on that front he was right

Heres what it comes down to , what top speed do you want , and how far do you want to go?? the fact is , running 1000 volts at 1 AMP is not gonna move a scooter so it really doesnt matter. the heat is again relevant , to spin a 48v motor at 4500 rpm like an overvolted 24v , you would need to run it at 72v , so the heat would be the same
By robnewyork
and sure a 72v motor run at 72v might be more efficient than a 24v run at 24 v , because the amperage is lower. But not exactly 100 % true , because youre also carring 3 times the batteries. Not exactly wired into a grid like high efficiency washing machines and AC units.
By david coffin
so, if im happy with top speed i have now, but want more range, overvolting my 24 volt motor to 36 (or even just to 30 volts) and thereby only needing half throttle to maintain the speed i get at 24 volts at wide open throttle, is going to improve range? kudos to robnewyork for pointing me to my yk43b controller and 900 watt 24 volt beast combination.

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