Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By rhyoo
Thanks to Rob, although this is totally new for me, his great knowledge helped me to finish the simple upgrade on my first electric scooter.
My wife even like it a lot and been using it to supermarket for light shopping or simply have fun riding it with my daughter standing on it. Although far away from powerful, it runs great and I gave it a clean looks with the grip tape, removing all "razor" decal, pasti-dip the seat post to match the black grip tape, and a simple led light to spice it up.

I just bought another e300 for $20 and now I'm ready to build the mean and brutal one for my self. I understand there's a better platform outthere, but e300 just fit me well because of it's size, weight, and simplicity.
I'm looking to build a ride that will give me instant pick-up and crazy torque(wheelie would be great), top speed of 20-25, good running time (5-10 miles), and on the same time reliability. I want to stick with SLA for charging convenient, budget, and safety. Is this possible? On a positive note, I managed to find a welder at my working place, I believe he could help me with mounting, stretch the frame, or making a bigger battery compartment.
I tried to read posts as many as possible here, and from what I'm reading it seems like the ultimate goal here is to install industrial motor for 24-36v set-up and brushless for 48v or more set-up. beside the mounting, are they really difficult to install and finding a perfect balance with the other component while making it reliable?

By rhyoo
just a simple 12v 10ah battery, tray for batteries, yk42-2, hall throttle, on off switch.....hence I need the mean one now :)
By robnewyork
glad to hear it all worked out... is it better than stock , that was the goal really?? BUILDING THE BEAST, we could do it with a 800 or 1000 watt motor unless u wanna spend a day installing an industrial .. But those numbers are easily achieved, especially now that you have experience.
By robnewyork
first thing i would do ( like you mentioned ) is have the frame extended 1 foot .. pretty simple especially when u have someone that welds.. this will not only create more space for a bigger motor, but also make for a bigger tray area for more batteries
By rhyoo
It is definitely perform better and has more pick up. It's perfect for my wife which is 125#. It still move me in a decent way as long as the street is flat. Once it's a hill, it starts suffering pulling my weight.
What kind of set up do you have in mind for me Rob? 3 or 4 15ah? Which motor that'll do the job well?
By rhyoo
I love my road bike and riding fast on it, that makes me realize how slow is 15mph to be honest. So moving around 25 would be a big plus for me
By robnewyork
WELL i want you to be all in , were going for wheelies and insane torque from 0-30 ish... let me start with the controller u will need.
By robnewyork
get that ordered , if you can find one cheaper shipped from america go for it.. china doesnt have em , and tnc wants 100 bux and they are out of stockl
By rhyoo
thanks Rob. I just ordered that yk43b. Is there any smaller on off switch that I can use? I'm thinking a smaller one would be easier to mount on battery tray or somewhere hidden. And also going into 800 or 1000w is totally fine with me if I can achieved those numbers, it would be so much easier to get it done and they weight less. I don't think I would go with that ohio motor, I think the scooter would do wheelie as soon as I drop it into chassis without hitting any throttle lol. That thing looks like weight a ton and the size is massive
By robnewyork
as for the switch, it needs to handle 200 amps , so ur chances of finding a suitable one are as good as mine.. Id mount it elsewhere were it me , maybe in the side of the deck since some chopping and bending needs to be done anyway//
By robnewyork
So far so good.. it will basically be a dragster 0-15 mph as is , so we will need to do either a gearing mod, 48v , or both in order to get to 25mph
By robnewyork
if we work under the assumption that on 36v this motor will keep the e300 at the stock top speed, and that the rear sprocket is currently 55 tooth , and we know the motor sprocket is 11 tooth,the change of the motor sprocket to 13 tooth would yield a top speed of 17.72 mph..Still no where near what the 48v battery pack would do which brings us to 20.1 mph with NO other mods at all. ... uct_id=138
By robnewyork
the combination of the 13 tooth and 48v would give a top speed 23.8 mph , not too far off the ultimate goal.. throw in a rear 47 tooth sprocket along with the 2 previous mods and we have a top speed of 27.8 MPH ... 3f&vxp=mtr

or skip doing the 13tooth , do the 48v in the extended lifted deck , combine the 48v with 47 tooth and get 23.5 mph which i think is a good balance of all options with very very little mods to the drivetrain aside from swapping the wheel sprocket.But the 13 tooth and 48v combination is still faster.
By rhyoo
ok let say we're going with 48v and stretch the chassis, and I'm planning to install a disc brake.....where do I find a longer cable brakes? I built my own road and mountain bike and if memory served me right, the longest cable wire we can find is 1.8 meter/ 6ft. Also how rare is 24v 500w 3000rpm? if we can manage to find this motor and overvolted it at 36v, those number (4500rpm) are pretty darn good right? ... I always wondering how big is the different of the torque between 24v motor at 36v compared to 36v motor at 48v given they have same rpm specs?
By robnewyork
the 500 watt motor would blow smoke after 20 mins.
theres toggles that link 6 foot brake cables (and simple connectors, plus with a front disc, the back will be backup
the voltages have nothing to do with torque.amps dictate torque, along with gearing
By robnewyork
what it comes down to , and I have the builds to prove it.. Either you want a quick scooter, or you want something FAST. Fast always comes with compromise, be it workload, safety, custom fabrication or being ugly as sin.. Some people said my mx500 looked stupid , i didnt care when i was merging into traffic in queens doing 40mph
By robnewyork
whats worse is when u make something, spend 300 bux and 8 hours , and realize its just not as quick as u wanted. You end up upgrading all over again , and anyone ever posted here will say the same thing.. you may as well go overkill from the start
By rhyoo
That's so true Rob, thanks for the advice. Better do it right and all the way from beginning, I can picture it in my head now.., let's stick with the 48v setup, 36v 800. Which battery do you have in mind? Any links for those brake system?
By rhyoo
Hey Zog,

Well that cable is 170mm which equal to 1.7m. I do have plenty of 1.8m and I know for sure if I decide to stretch the chassis by a feet even my 1.8m one won't be long enough.
By robnewyork
the 13 tooth is on tnc, But id wait till ur almost done to add that and gain those 4 mph top speed.. Also, you will need to charge,., u can do it with the 24v charger you already have , or get a 48v charger.. thats up to u.. the way to do it w 24 v is just wire so u charge 2 batteries at a time.
By rhyoo
ok so these are the parts I already ordered:
4 12v 15ah
36v 800w
2.8m brake wire
47t rear sprocket
on off switch

some questions:
1. is the 12gauge wire still capable to do this job efficiently?
2. I just stripped down the scooter today and chains are pretty rusty, where should get this kind of chain replacement?
3. any link for the disc brake system? from what I read they're like hit or miss on the fitment?
4. the charging port is pretty rough looking so I want to get the replacement also. is it this one? ... uct_id=449
5. which 48v charger should I get for the fast time turn around like my 24v? I wonder I would just get the 48v one since it's a little impractical to charge 2 at a time with my 24v charger.

I did a little measurement of battery size and the frame. my rough estimation is that I would need to stretch the frame about 8-11inches. I will know for sure when the all of the parts are here. I also would buy the 13t front sprocket together with some parts from tnc to save shipping, but will save that later for the last adjustment after the finish build in case I need more top speed or the take off is too overwhelming.

Just curious Rob, what kind of range are we looking with this set-up?

By rhyoo
oh by the way regarding charging...can you wire those batteries in parallel in order to use 24v charger? meaning parallel 2- and 2+ then wire it to 24v charger?
By robnewyork
yes, you can charge however, just hook it up when the scoot is off, 24ah 24v is fine.. it will simply take all night .. go 10 gauge from the controller to batteries, and controller to motor.. the controller comes with 10 ga.. all other wiring can be 12 or 16. can get new chain and master link from ebay pretty cheap as a combo.. or TNC but then shipping is more money..make sure to get a master link .you can also restore the chain with wd40
3.discs are 100% custom , and not easy, you need the female connector for the scooter ( ... Sw9NxTwvQ0

5.. you need a 3 amp , seen here to charge quicker at 48v ... Swa~BYU0Y5
By robnewyork
the range will depend how u ride.. cruising at 15 mph with no stops , u should get 6-7 miles.. Nailing throttle up and down the block over and over might be wayyyyyyyy less. id stretch the frame now and start all that fabrication... too much work to do it all at once.. the longer the better,,id go 18 inches right in the middle of the deck. then make a new new deck from scraps or 2 used decks ( chop aluminum deck in half, get a used one , and use that to fill the center section,.I would not wait till the parts get there, U will never get done.
By rhyoo
My welder is taking a week off for the spring break. I guess I'll just have to wait next week to get the project going....All of stuff needed even the paint already ordered, going to home depot tomorrow looking for a deck and tray material. While we're on the topic Rob, I know you mention before you prefer e200....why is that??? do you mean that out of the box because their different gearing? beside the different size of the wheel, any other different of the dimension of these two scooters?
By rhyoo
My welder is taking a week off for the spring break. I guess I'll just have to wait next week to get the project going....All of stuff needed even the paint already ordered, going to home depot tomorrow looking for a deck and tray material. While we're on the topic Rob, I know you mention before you prefer e200....why is that??? do you mean that out of the box because their different gearing? beside the different size of the wheel, any other different of the dimension of these two scooters?
By rhyoo
Rob, I got the stuff coming in today and 47t sprocket is here, but the mounting is smaller than the stock one. Do they sell the one that fit without doing any mods?
By robnewyork
no.. clamp together and duplicate the stud pattern.. it should be easy to drill.u dont need to intall the 47 tooth just yet anyway.. get wired up first.. is ur stock gear 65 tooth??????????? we might not have needed the 47 if so
By rhyoo
okay, I thought they sent me the wrong one...the stock sprocket is 55t. bolts and nut was there, I just removed it to compared the two. I didn't wire up because I'm going to bring the frame to the welder next week, therefore I strip it down to the chassis at this moment to ease my carry up and down nyc subway to workplace which is columbia university in uptown. Quite a subway trip from queens.
By robnewyork
yep.. sounds like it.. Okay , well focus on getting everything extended and wired up for now.. the sprocket will not take long when it needs to be done.. but lets see how the 11-55 ratio works first.. U may enjoy the wheelies@
By robnewyork
also, i can machine out the 47 to fit the e300 wheel , ud just need to ship it both ways and give me the measurement of the 55 tooth opening.
By rhyoo
Thanks for the help Rob..I have drill and clamp, will go to home depot today buy an cutting oil and give it a try. Hope it works.
By robnewyork
should be very easy.. Basically tracing the lines and drill holes.. a small hacksaw , a file , and a drill are all thats needed. I cannot wait to see the extended chassis
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