Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By rhyoo
Will post the pics once it got stretched Rob. Should looks great and adding the stability cruising on faster speed.

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By zogthegreat
rhyoo wrote:Thanks for the help Rob..I have drill and clamp, will go to home depot today buy an cutting oil and give it a try. Hope it works.
3-in-1 oil works really well for this.
By Laundrydude
I use "tap magic" and it works well. Sometimes feels like each hole cuts better lol. Must be magic. It is good cutting oil tho and I like the spray version of it.
By rhyoo
ok so I drilled the 4 lugs with no problem. I simply tried to fit it with longer screws to connect with stock sprocket, placed it above the hub, and nut betwen 47t and stock 55t to serve as a spacer so it doesn't rub.
while it looks works fine, when I tried to put it on chassis, it creates further issues. the screw head rub with the frame because of its protude location, if I put the chain on it, it might rub the chassis also. I probably could get away with adjusting the spacer, but it would be more complicated and the tire won't be on the center also I believe. Could you send me your address to I can send the sprocket to your way and back Rob? I will measure the opening, I believe this is the correct way to get it done, so the new sprocket will be on its original position. my email is thanks in advance Rob
By robnewyork
looks like u could just cut the 4 connections to the center of the hub since the bolts are what centers it , but ill bore it no problem.

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