Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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the controller is completely sealed up with poured-in silicone, it seems. i read about others that have had their controller electronics exposed, so as to mod them with shunts or wires or whatever. not possible for me to get the controller i have apart without damaging it, it seems. covering it would defeat the heat-sink properties of the finned case. researching the ebay voltmeters you pointed me to, most of them claim the power supply voltage can vary as well as the voltage being measured. i had an old voltmeter i salvaged from a solar controller, and ran power supply up to 12 volts, but burnt it out at 24 volts. i find that i am going most places on 1/4 throttle, now. and if the yk43b low voltage cuts off, due to my twisting the throttle a bit more, i let go of it, and start off slow, and get a few more miles out of it. it's the voltage sag caused by the high amp draw that does it, i work around it by keeping all the high tension wires as short as possible, using all 8 gauge wire.. holding out for that gas gauge. in a day or two, i will test range, i figure i will have more range due to the increased efficiency of the new motor as compared to my old wornout one..

the entire case of the controller has been drowned in poured silicone, it seems. not even water can get to the electronics in this thing, unless it's acid, lol
voltage sag in high draw is what cuts off the controller, but i find i'm going everywhere with 1/4 throttle now, so if i twist a bit more, and it cuts off, i just twist less and still have enough grunt for another mile or so at low throttle.
one day i plan an extreme range test, i might wait until i fill up the space in my box with one more pair of SLA'S. 4 banks of 24v-12-ah, works out to 48 amp hours. i would drive across the city in a straight line at normal throttle and avoiding throttling up unnecessarily until i can not push it any more, then spend the night in a motel with it charging back up, and then taking the same line back home. i expect the two ways will be different, the uphill and downhill stuff being reversed on the way back. it's amazing how much detail there is in the world when i am able to go slow and look around at everything, which is not possible from a car.
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very true , i noticed the weather and little things on the side of the road on my scooter. it was a different view..Sounds like you found a good power/ weight ratio, and have some power to spare which is nice.

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