Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By Harpham1302
Hi all. Does anyone know where I can get an 80t sprocket for my e300 in the uk? I can't seem to find them and it would be a bit of a pain to have to ship from outside. Thanks.

By Harpham1302
Yeah I think that may be my only option. Seems odd that nowhere in the U.K. Sells one. Ah well, I just need to be less impatient and just go for it. One more thangadang, the version I have is pretty old and doesn't have a chain tensioner. Will that be an issue with the new sprocket or do. I just make sure it's a good tightness and hope
For the best. Cheers for the quick reply.
By robnewyork
get a chain breaker and extra links , the 80 tooth is gonna be 25 links longer than stock..YES, the time will pass either way , googling , or having the item on the way..the main reason theyre readily available here is the razor company being soo dam popular.
By Harpham1302
Yeah that makes sense. Thanks for the info on the chain length. I was just going to get a foot of it and the breaker. Think I'll need a master link as my hammer work tends to get a little questionable. Will the bigger sprocket mean the motor works harder reducing battery life as a payoff for torque? I was hoping that as it wouldn't struggle so much uphill, it may last longer but that seems to be getting something for nothing. Cheers pal
By Harpham1302
Just ordered a sprocket and some chain so now for the waiting game. Would you say that upgrading from 7ah batteries to 9ah ones would make a noticeable difference to run time? Have been debating returning the 7s for some 9s whilst I'm in the modding mood.
By Harpham13
Ok so I have just installed the sprocket. I ended up ordering one from a French eBay seller. Got it in a few days which is wicked considering the 4th may was the ETA. The scooter definitely gets up to speed must faster but that top speed is far less than before. A trade off I guess. Iv enjoyed the few mods that I have done though. Going to replaced the 7ah batteries for 9ah ones. Anything else you can recommend to better performance? It's good fun. Cheers
By Harpham13
I was thinking about that actually. Would I need to get a new throttle though? My e300 is a version one (believe it or not) and has the old thumb throttle.
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