Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By veggysaurus
So currently i am running a 5:1 chain setup and wondering about going to belt drive on a 24v/500w combo.
I do a bit of dirt commuting to work and even with my own ABS made chain dust shield its getting caked after a few days.
It can get quite dusty when it doesnt rain for a bit and also many bikes use the path loosening it up.

Is it something people are converting to, i noticed the v1-4 of the e200 was belt then they went chain.
Mate has one and says its very quiet in comparison, which is also something i am looking for.

happy to gear a bit faster if needed, but struggling to find what i need to convert the e300.

theres no kit im aware of,.. so conversion will be a bit of work.. MY guess, making it easier would be to get the e200 belt cogs , and try to make room on the e300 for it.. it will be a lot of work.. another option u wont like is taking the full e200 belt drive wheel assembly and installing it on the e300 .. now u have a weird rake to the scooter.
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