Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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By veggysaurus
So I got bored with the rattling chain and crappy clearance from having a my1020 24v 500w motor bolted under my razor e300 scooter. Have gone with a setup from uumotor shipped straight from the supplier. It’s a brushless 48v 800w setup custom wound for torque and only a speed of 35kph as is a long distance commuter doing over 30km each work day trip. Controller is rated at 30a continuous and 50a burst. Should make it nice to play on now. I scored a free e300 in great condition missing batteries and controller, so the frame will be modified so have a larger battery space and something for the disc brake to book onto.. easy work with my TIG. Once all done, will get the powerder fosters to string and redo the frame. I may even replace the Multistar 24v 16Ah packs with a 14s7p pack from ev3. :D


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By veggysaurus

So I got most of the first round of major mods done. Lowered wire frame by 25mm so I can fit controller under plastic battery holder but mostly so I can fit a 48v 20AH 18650 battery pack I am about to order. Also had to modify the tail to make space for the disc Caliper and make a bracket for it to attach to. All simple to do when I have many power tools and a mig to play with.

Did a test run to work today which is 16km each way.
Holly batballs the torque and acceleration it now has. On flat ground I average around 34kmp and up steep hill it still does 25-30... I passed a Lycra clad road warrior and flew past him.. haha

Half my trip is on a dirt path throug a forest which is much fun. No dirt on the chain and squeaks now.. would recommend this mod to everyone with a razor e300. Currently running a couple of crappy Multistar 24v 16AH packs in series. Few picks below of the setup so far.

Will also need to remake the battery container under the deck to fit everything and clean up the wiring somewhat, plus also fit a slightly larger tire in front to match the size in the rear. Once all the fab work is done on the frame I plan on getting the dude near for to sand blast and power coat it in satin black.




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By veggysaurus
Rear tyre is a 10x4-6 while stock is 3-4. Height is about 30mm total diameter more and fits perfectly.
So I bought a 52v 14s7p em3ev pack using 25R Panasonic betteries. Should arrive in the next few days.

I’ll post some more pics once I work out how to make it fit and attach.
By Evol
Looks like a pretty great setup. I went to buy one and they are charging 135.00usd in shipping to the US. Ouch. They are using your pics above for the website and have the package labeled as an upgrade kit for the E300. I'm wondering what was involved with setting up the brakes? A welder is on my shopping list but I don't have any practice yet. I have the Multistar Lipos but am looking into a A123 option for something plug and play.
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