Need new motors? break a chain? brakes not work? swapping out pinions or sprockets?

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Looking to fit a disc brake setup to the front of my e300. I have the rear all sorted, but can't seem to find who sells the 2-piece rim with matching rotor that clearly says it does??


By rhyoo
Hi Dave,

How did you do it on rear disc brakes? Did you find a disc and rotor that's a perfect fit meaning no welding involved, just bolt and nuts?

Is the rear disc brake not strong enough that makes you want to install the front one as well? How fast did you go?
name is Rob.. there is no " kit " fir upgrading , it required weldiing.. And also, theres almost no room out back for a disc on an e300, im sure people have done it , but it required fabrication to mount the disc, and also to mount the caliper.
disc brakes simply make more sense in front from a physics standpoint , just look at older cars.. We did over 40 on 2 builds, and the one where we had to weld the caliper, we were doing about 35.. Obviously, the disc brake stopped it instantly
By rhyoo
Makes sense...thanks for the insight Rob. There's a vid on your YouTube a guy mount his disc brakes on front without any welding. I believe he used a bike clamp and some kind of attachment to the axle
ouch.. that ebay listing wants $95USD for shipping :-/ i'm in Australia.
surely someone makes a split rim that a disc can mount to?
I noticed parts for scooters list rims, just not sure on the rotor. eZip 400 seems to be the product listing for front setup?
I've emailed them but not sure if i will hear back. ... ory=132913

found this also, assuming its the same as you linked:
welding is easy, been playing with cars for ages. do love how the caliper is mounted in the YouTube vid. ... l#adapters
Adapter at the bottom of the page is whats needed to mount a disc. then appropriate 140mm disc for BRK-142 .
Disc brake rear setup comes standard on the Razor RX200.
im sure with patience, not only can u mount the disc to the front wheel , but also make a bracket to hold the caliper.. the bracket and caliper is wayy more complex than the caliper and drilling some new holes
By Evol
I started to go this route with the e300 and found out the wheel will be offset to let the rotor clear the front fork. If you watch the videos of the build above you will see in one shot he looks down a the tire is not centered. I imagine you will need to source spacers to accomplish that.
The screws interfere
The offset

The other thing i tried was buying a currie ezip front fork but they are discontinued. I bought a currie ezip 450 to work with. It has a canteliver front brake system found on most bicycles. It uses pads against the rim and doesn't work that great. I'm going to try different pads.
By Evol
robnewyork wrote:makes sense,, was it an ezip
Yes, the ezip400. I found the fork, special order. Should be a bolt on procedure now. Just hope it's interchangeable ezip 400 vs 450. One step further and I'm hoping to bolt that onto the E300...

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