I want to go faster.

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By Heavyman
A lot of people are posting looking for help on speeding up their scooter, I would like that too, but how do I do that considering I weigh 230lb. Right now my stock scooter barely moves with me on it. What's the best way to boost the speed and the power so that I can ride on gentle hills while I commute to work (about 2 miles)?
By rhyoo
on budget option: bigger sla battery 48v total, 36v 800w motor, higher amp controller (yk43b or mini yk43)
higher budget with better performance : lipo battery system, brushless motor, programmable controller

When you said best way, I was assuming performance wise with no limited budget....that way I could give you advice going lipo or lion battery system 16s which equal 60v, slap some boma outrunner brushless motor 60v 2000w, kelly programmable controller. This should give you a scary fast 40+mph with correct mod. But if this is your first time modding, i don't think you'll going this route. Especially you just aiming 2 miles trip.

What's your budget? do you have any access to fabricate or some welding? 2 miles range isn't hard to achieve. Once you tell us these thing we can see what option you have.

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