I want to go faster.

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By newmx350
Hey Guys, I just bought a used MX350 not working because it needs a new charger (doesn't light up). But before I go and buy a new charger for the stock setup, I may as well consider modifying it a bit for more power. The bike is going to be ridden by a 12 year old so I want it to be controllable, but not under powered because it will be ridden off-road. So what I am looking for is a good reliable setup that has enough power to go up hills and be fun off-road, but not super crazy fast. Sorry if this has been covered, I'm new to the electric dirt bikes and have a little trouble following other threads. If anyone has any suggestions of a setup that will suit my needs all help is greatly appreciated. (36V setup, overvolt or new motor? Etc...)

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By zen_racer
hello and welcome!

based on your goals, i think a similar approach to my MX350 build would meet your criteria:


to get more torque, you could swap out the 80t rear sprocket for an 89t, and swap out the 200w motor (if your model has no suspension) for a 350w Unite or 400w Currie. either of these motors would a noticeable upgrade from stock...

Finished and installed my voltmeter. Spent some t[…]