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By Quinc
Are the controllers just amp output? My 500w controller from a minimoto is 50amp vs the crap controllers you get now are mostly 28amp. I would like to keep the controller I have now but wondering if there is something else I am missing here?

36v 500w 50amp controller running a 800w motor
36v 800w 30amp controller running an 800w motor

Quinc wrote: Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:40 pm Are the controllers just amp output?
yea amp rating is one of the main functions, in addition to providing a throttling function. if the motor is high end then the controller choice may determine the performance.

comparing a kelly controller to a cheap $20 controller from ebay, you're going have a lot of tuning options with the kelly to get the most out of your motor and your ride preference.

but if your motor is a cheap $30 24v 300w Unite then hooking up to a kelly might just burn that motor up :)

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