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So I recently purchased a used Super 1000w electric scooter to modify instead of my Bladez XTr 450s. The main reason for this was because the Super 1000 w had two disc brakes, dual suspension, and a large enough chassis to house my two 6s 16000mah lipos. I can also put my 1500w Boma motor in without any modification.

I am on the cusp of having this thing modded. By Christmas I should have two lipo buzzers, some XT90 plugs, and 10 awg wire. I already have my lipos, charger, and ps.

What I don't have is a controller for my bldc. Looking at purchasing a Kelly controller per zen_racer's advice. Although I do have the money, I'll barely have enough for a new throttle.

My plan B is to use the lipos to overvolt the existing 36v 1000w unite motor to 44v. Should overvolting shorten the life of the motor, I have the Boma for backup. Will just have to get the controller and throttle next year. I do, however, have a brand-new brushed 48v-60v controller and throttle. Here's the link to it. As you can see, there's only one plug for the throttle which leads me to my question: How would I connect a voltage meter for the handlebars? ... 70-21.aspx

The buzzers are good for the alarm purpose, but I cannot see the voltage of the batteries as I am riding. Looking for suggestions.

With regards to my Bladez scooters, I can still resurrect them back to 24v since I have almost all the parts. The Super 1000w came with an extra battery pack, so I have 6 SLAs. Two can go in each scooter with two to spare. All I need to get two of the three Bladez running again are two cheap Chinese 24v controllers, two throttles, and two decks (which I can prob make myself).

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